Picture of the project 'Inhaling hall'
Location:Lingnerschloss Dresden
Event:Light in the Castle
Light engineering:Directed laser beam, day light
To life times the inventor of the ODOL mouthwash Karl August Lingner was very committed to hygienic education and personal hygiene and set great value on social and cultural consciousness. In the context of the art project “Light in the Castel”, organized by "Zwicker Light Art" on the 16th to 17th of July 2005 in the Lingnercastle in Dresden the installation "inhaling hall" was established. The former hall generously glazed to the slope of the river Elbe, was shaded to one horizontal 4 mm broad daylight slit on eye -level, with it’s room gripping continuation forming strange light areas in the fog by red line lasers. The spherical atmosphere was supported by an inhales-sound field made by “Chen Unst” and smelling inhalants of healing oils.