The basic idea of every light art project, that is designed and realised by us, ist the exact analysis of the specific areal situation and the expected way of utilisation.

There are different rules in public areas, than there are in private. When art is to function as an additional dimension to architecture, the work of art can't just communicate visually, but also has to make its meaning plausible.

Light is one of the fundamental media like air and water. Without light, life is not imaginable. Because of its direct effect on the mind, designed light is suited as a mediator of art.

Our works of light can't be unified, because each displays an unique solution for the specific situation. The handwriting of the artist is not found in form, but in the methodology of the solution. On this note we don't regard the concentration on a specific task as a limitation, but rather as a challenge.

The realisation of a possibly complex task with reliable partners, including all the technical and theoretical problems from draft to finish, has proved well.

In doing so, we like to be inspired by the latest developments in light engineering and include new technical products into the art conception.

Our light art does not only increase the attractiveness of a room, but it we also want to place symbols, which clearly differ from commercial light aesthetics in claim and figure.

A. and U. Zwicker